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The Item I Swear by for Beauty Sleep (Literally!)

Make the most of your zzz's!

Khloé's godmother Mary Fran, who is sadly no longer with us, always used to share her beauty secret—which was to sleep on a silk pillowcase. I have been doing this since she told me, when I was probably 14 years old!

Now I ALWAYS sleep on a 100 percent silk pillowcase and even travel with one when I go on vacation. My hairstylist, Jen Atkin, totally agrees and says Slip silk pillowcases protect hair from breakage, reduce split ends and keep hair shiny. Sleeping on silk can even extend your blowout by a day or two!

Silk is great for your skin because the natural fibers contain amino acids which are a really important for collagen production and anti-aging. Also, silk won't dry out your skin the way a cotton pillowcase does—since it won't absorb the natural oils from your skin, silk allows your skin to retain moisture when you're sleeping. When I have forgotten to travel with it, I instantly notice a difference on my face with one night of sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and won't harbor bacteria or other harmful allergens. In addition to my pillowcase, I like my actual pillow to also be made from 100 percent silk fibers, since down pillows made of feathers can store dust and produce dander—an allergen that can negatively affect everything from your skin to the air quality.

There are a handful of companies that make all-natural 100 percent silk pillowcases, sleep masks, sheets, even full duvets! Scroll down to shop my favorites!