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The Bedtime Routine That Works for My Kids

How we wind down from the day.

Having a bedtime routine works really well in our house. I try to always be there to do bedtime, no matter how busy my day is. If I have plans in the evening, I do my best to make them after the kids go to sleep. Ending our day together and praying before we go to sleep is a big part of our routine. Scroll down to see a few of the small things we do together to wind down before bedtime.

Every night, I read three books to each of my kids. They all have a little library in their room, like the color-coordinated stacks of books (above) in Penelope's room. We have a lot of children's bible books that are in our bedtime rotation too. One of our favorites is the "I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook" by Pastor Judah and Chelsea Smith. The kids love reading and I think this step helps wind down the energy from the day.

We don't have any phones or iPads around during bedtime. If the kids want to have a few more minutes of playtime, we'll put all their animals to bed and do something creative that doesn't involve technology.

We have these cool star machines in each of the kids' rooms that projects stars on the ceiling and all over the walls. We have lights off besides the projectors and use little flashlights or the flashlight on my phone for light to read. I give little back scratches and lay in bed with them until they fall asleep.

We put on lullabies that stay on all night long but I always sing lullabies to them before we turn these on. They love for me to sing "Edelweiss," "Baby Mine," "Hey Jude," "Yellow" and "The Little Drummer Boy."