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Exclusive: See Penelope's Bedroom

Pretty in pink!

When we moved into the new house, Penelope was ready for a big-girl room, but she definitely still wanted a space that was both playful and pink! We kept a lot of accents from her previous room, but went for a more sleek and modern feel. I even passed down the "Love Me" neon light that was previously in my bedroom. Scroll to see more of my photos from P's super cute room!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard designed this custom blush-colored velvet upholstered bed frame and headboard. The soft fabric really warms up the room and is great for kids so they don't bump into a wood frame.

This Serge Mouille ceiling lamp was in my family room in the old house and looks so cool and modern in Penelope's room. Also, the "Love Me" neon light by artist Curtis Kulig was in my previous bedroom, but I loved the idea of a pink neon light in her bedroom, so I gave it to P!

This fuzzy shearling accent chair by Jean Royere makes Penelope's room look so cozy! The cool pink painting is by artist Connor Tingley.

Penelope loves to play with rag dolls, so they have their beds set up right next to hers.

This vintage Lucite clothing rack for doll clothes came from my grandmother MJ's kids clothing shop in La Jolla called Shannon + Co. It makes Penelope's play area look neat and organized. Toys can be chic too!

The cute mini hangers are from the Etsy store LaniesCreations.

Penelope and I organized all of her books by color and stacked them in color-coded towers.

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Photos by Burke Doeren and Tayler Dubé