This Time Last Year: My Halloween Party

See all the spooky details!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! Scroll down to see how I decorated the house last year for the kids' party—and stay tuned for photos from this year's party!

Decorating Ideas

We add to our collection of decorations each year. We love to put out the skeletons and pumpkins that we have used every Halloween and we just keep adding. This year, we got some silver skeletons and a creepy little girl who talked that we already found a new home for because she was too scary for everyone! We also have a lot of the actual Halloween decorations from when I was a little girl—my mom usually gives me more each year. We covered the entrance of my house with cobwebs and little light-up pumpkins, and had scary music playing and fog machines going to really set the scene when everyone enters.

Setting The Table

For the tables, the kids and I put fake spiders everywhere, mixed with cute little white pumpkins and battery-operated tea lights. I also have a collection of metallic skulls, so we put those in front of each adult place setting. We used a plain white tablecloth layered with spooky cloth. I avoid using anything disposable, since reusing serving pieces and dishes is so much better for the environment. Also, real dishes always make a much cuter table. We used enamel plates from West Elm, silverware from Onyx, white napkins from Crate & Barrel and durable glasses from Duralux for the kids. I added faux-fur throws from IKEA to the back of the chairs. (I cut some of them up so they were kid-size.) These can also be used for any event and repurposed around the house when we're not in party mode.

Serving the Food

We covered the buffet table for the food in black paper and wrote directly on it in white paint markers to label the snacks, so guests could see what was being served. Also, I'm gluten-free, so this is a cute way to let parents and guests know which snacks fall into the GF category. Most of the food was both dairy- and gluten-free, but we had sour cream and cheese as an option for the turkey chili, which we served in little carved-out white pumpkin bowls. We also served gluten-free chicken sliders, gluten-free chicken tenders and my recipe for dairy- and gluten-free mac & cheese.

The Dessert Buffet

Our desserts were all gluten- and dairy-free. To make it more festive, we put fangs in the middle of our doughnuts, did chocolate-covered mini apples, cute cupcakes with spooky frosting designs and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We also did a skeleton made entirely out of dairy- and gluten-free Oreo Kourt's Krispy treats!

I already can't wait for next year! Happy Halloween, everyone!