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A Peek Inside Our Playroom

Where fun meets functional.

A playroom should look good messy. At our last house, that meant chalkboard paint (so we could all draw on the walls!), large Lego blocks as storage bins to hide the mess (each one labeled of course with what goes inside) and some cool toys like the mini Mercedes that Auntie KoKo gave Mason. I love that my mom and grandma kept some toys that were mine when I was a child, like my rocking horse and so many of my books. I hung some of our Teen Choice Awards surfboards on the ceiling.

I love using the kid's art as decor too. We hung a silver cable wire and hung art from silver clips. This way we could switch out the art whenever we want. My mom and dad saved so many of our books from when we were little and I am so grateful to have them and read so many of them to my kids. I even have some books that were my dad's when he was a child.

I never actually buy the toys to fit the playroom, and I think that is the point. Playrooms should be designed so that whatever toys are in the room, they are the decor. Some fun chairs (like these vintage 1960s Pierre Paulin that I had covered in red patent leather) don't hurt either.

My mom gave Kendall and Kylie's Madeline dolls to Penelope and it really makes playing with them extra special. I had magnetic paint painted on the wall underneath the chalkboard paint (make sure and have extra coats put on so it actually works). In children's spaces, it is all about adding unexpected whimsical moments.

Photos by Grey Crawford and The Coveteur. Interior Design by Jeff Andrews