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Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

So fresh and so clean.

After having kids, I have slowly become aware of the harmful chemicals in everyday cleaning products. I have since discovered so many great non-toxic cleaning products that are effective, but made with safe and natural ingredients. There are so many harmful chemicals, found in many cleaning products, that have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders and hormone disruption. I look for products that are free of artificial colors, cancer-causing parabens, chemicals like ammonia (which can irritate the skin, eyes and lungs) and phosphates, which are harmful to the environment.


In the kitchen, it is especially important to find products that clean well and are not harmful to the environment. Seventh Generation Natural Dishwasher Packs are chlorine- and phosphate-free and biodegradable, but still leave your dishes clean. When doing everyday cleaning in the kitchen, Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Concentrate is a must-have. It has a vegetable protein extract and can be used on wood floors, tile, countertops and even walls. The kitchen is such an important place to keep clean because so many of the family's meals are prepared there, so keeping it safe from chemicals is a top priority. It always freaks me out when I see people spraying their counters down with tons of chemicals either right next to food or right where food is going to be cooked.


When doing laundry, most of us use harsh chemicals like bleach and stain removers on our delicate clothing. Fabric softeners are full of ammonium compounds that can irritate the skin and even lead to respiratory complications like asthma. To avoid such issues, I use The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, which consists of non-toxic, fragrance-free ingredients that still tackle and remove dirt. The Ecover Fabric Stain Remover Stick uses plant-based and mineral ingredients to help with stains. Harsh products and fragrances can irritate my and my children's skin, so these products are very important to me, especially for towels and sheets.


Having healthy, reliable cleaning products in the bathroom is a must—especially with three children. Cleaning up after bath time is a lot easier with Method Glass and Surface Cleaner, which is ammonia-free with a streak-free finish. Most glass cleaners contain high amounts of 2-butoxyethanol, which can cause sore throats when inhaled, and can also lead to kidney and liver damage, so this is a great alternative.

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