Mason and Reign's Birthday Party

Space invasion!!!

Since Mason and Reign were born on the same day, I asked Mason if he wanted to have his birthday party with Reign this year and he said yes! Mason and I went over theme ideas for a while until we finally agreed on ALIENS! After working with party consultant Mindy Weiss to throw my mom's 60th birthday party, I called her to get her thoughts on Mason and Reign's alien party. When she suggested laser tag in a huge blow up UFO, I knew that was it.

Mason is a night owl, so I love having his birthday late in the afternoon and having people stay as late as they could stay. When it got dark outside, everyone put on their glow-in-the-dark sunglasses and alien beanies. We screened the movie "Home" outside on a big blow-up screen and set up comfy outdoor lounge chairs and lots of blankets for people to watch. It was truly out of this world! 👽👽👽

We bought a bunch of blow-up aliens to hang in the trees and put by the front door
I found a vintage Area 51 sign to put on the front door.
I thought Mason and Reign each needed their own cake. Alien-themed, obviously!
We made black alien eye stickers for the green lanterns that we hung in all of the trees. They lit up so the whole backyard glowed at night.
I love Wood Ranch BBQ. It's easy and their mac & cheese is amazing!
We had a cart serving hot chocolate, coffee and chai lattes—which everyone seemed to love, especially during movie time.
Laser tag!

Photo credits: Dennis Kwan Photography for Kourtney Kardashian