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Fan Post: One of My Favorite Instagram Followers!

Shout out to Kardashianlove25.

One of my favorite fans who I follow on Instagram—known as Kardashianlove25—is writing on my app today. Scroll down to read Cristina's cute story and be sure to subscribe to my app to get a chance to write your own post!

Hi guys! I'm Cristina from Colombia.

I've always been a die-hard fan of "KUWTK," so, in 2012, my little sister Angelita and I decided to start an Instagram fan account for the Kardashians (which later I ran by myself). On June 8, 2013, Kourtney started following my account! I was so surprised and shocked—I couldn't believe it! Then, she started to like and comment on her favorite posts. We even exchanged some messages through DM, and she was as nice and sweet as you would imagine!

Fast-forward to October 2015: I received a message the day after my 19th birthday from her assistant, saying that Kourtney wanted to send me a gift. I couldn't believe what I was reading, so I decided to ask Kourt herself and keep it a secret until she confirmed the news.

On November, I received a package with tons of Kardashian Beauty products! Anyone who knows me knows that I want my hair to always be perfect. I instantly became obsessed with all the products—which, BTW, are amazing! I couldn't even believe Kourtney took the time to send me a birthday present all the way to Colombia without even knowing me. I'm beyond blessed.

Later that month, I received another message from her assistant (who is the sweetest), notifying me that I was going to receive another package (YES, ANOTHER!). The box was filled with autographed magazines and three Kardashian Kollection bags!

I couldn't be more grateful. Her generosity just proves how special she is to everyone around her! I never imagined something like this would happen to me. So, keep dreaming, because I'm sure you'll achieve your dreams sooner than you think.

Thanks, Kourt, for letting me post on your app. It's been a pleasure!