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Fan Takeover: Funniest Memes of Me!


One of my favorite fans who I follow on Twitter—known as Grasy Kardashian—wanted to take over my app. For her takeover, she wanted to post a bunch of memes of me. Scroll down to see her funny post and be sure to subscribe to my app to get a chance to do your own takeover!

Hi, guys! It's Grasy (@ikyliefornia) taking over Kourt's app today!

Since I started watching "KUWTK" and the spin-offs, I've always loved Kourt's reactions and how she sometimes doesn't need to say a word to express herself. I legit love her savage side, plus there's always a good meme of her to use in any situation. Scroll down to check out some memes with classic KMK reactions.

Hope you guys liked these memes as much as I did! Special thanks to Kourtney and her team for letting me take over her app. xx, Grasy

Photo Credit: E! Entertainment