Photo Album: Mason & Reign's Birthday Party

Get your motors runnin'!

Mason and Reign share the same birthday so every year we throw them a big joint party. This year, Mason wanted a "Fast and the Furious" theme complete with a monster truck bouncy house slide, mini race track, and the actual car from the movie. Check out the photos below!

The birthday boys!

We parked the actual car from the movie in the driveway to really make the theme come alive.

All decorated for the party, monster truck bouncy house slide and all!

The kids' tables were decorated with matchbox cars and fake cans of motor oil and air tanks.

The kids loved the race track game we set up on the basketball court.

The whole family had fun on the slide!

Penelope had a blast too!

Lovey was there to celebrate too.

Talk about a monster truck!

For the cakes we copied cars from the movie and they each got their own cake so we could sing to each of them.

Even my friends got in on the fun.

About an hour into the party we screened "The Fast and the Furious" on a giant blowup screen for whoever wanted to sit and watch it. Either way, it was fun background for the party.

Photography by Jay Lawrence Goldman