Need an Immune System Boost?


At the first sign of a cold, I always make a big batch of bone broth—which has a high concentration of minerals to support the immune system. Boiling poultry meat is good for you, but when you boil the bones, the broth absorbs the nutrients in the marrow that contains calcium, magnesium (good for our bones), collagen (helps repair dry skin), glucosamine (helps joints) and glycine (aids in sleep)—to name a few!

I like to drink a coffee mug or teacup of the broth to help clear up sinuses and respiratory pathways. You can also use the broth to make soup, rice (I love to make turkey risotto with it!) or as water substitute to boil anything from lentils to sweet potatoes to noodles. When the meat on the bones is fully cooked (about an hour after boiling), I use the meat to make turkey salad with veganaise or mayo, or I shred the meat and make little wraps with sweet potato tortillas called Potapas.

Get my recipe below—and make a batch ASAP to freeze so you're prepared if you get sick this winter.

Need an Immune System Boost?

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