Dash Miami is Officially Open!

Dash Miami is officially open people! We are so excited for our long anticipated second Dash store. We have been talking and thinking about this for so long and are so happy that is now a reality. Dash Miami will definitely have beach wear and clothes for Miami nightlife, still with our Kardashian sister touch, of course.
The ribbon cutting was such an event! Khloe and I welcomed a huge crowd of people to the new Dash Miami! We did the official ribbon cutting and uncovered the Dash Miami sign. Everyone was so supportive and seemed to LOVE the store. We greeted fans, took tons of pictures and got to know how our new customers felt about the store. It was such an amazing turnout and a fun day! We are so proud of all of the hard work we put into the store…it’s such a blessing when it pays off!

I Adore: My Favorite Scents

Some of you have been asking about what perfume I wear.  I like to switch my perfume with the seasons.  In fall/winter I just seem to be in a different mood than in spring/summer.  In fall/winter I LOVE Michael by Michael Kors.  This is my mom’s signature scent, and Kim and I became addicted to it.  I love it because it is so distinct and reminds me of my mom.  In spring/summer I love wearing Jivago 24K.  It has actual gold flecks floating in the bottle and smells divine.  It is very hard to find…I found mine in St. Thomas on vacation over a year ago and bought some for Kim also. Quelques Fleurs perfume smells very similar to Jivago, in case you can’t find it, which is just as divine.  In the daytime, I love wearing an oil called Miss Marissa by Ebba.  People literally stop me and ask what i’m wearing.  Such a good day one, and it’s so small, I throw it in my makeup bag in my purse.

Do you guys switch with the season too, or am I crazy?

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami

Memorial Day weekend is crazy in Miami! Kim and Khloe left me here in Miami, but my brother Rob came to visit.  We are just hanging out by the pool and beach relaxing.  Khloe is meeting back up with us tonight, yay! And of course non stop filming as always.  Wishing everyone a fun and safe memorial day weekend!

Congratulations Kris Allen!!!

I am so happy Kris won American Idol!! I’ll admit, even though he was my favorite, I thought Adam might clinch the win since he has such a huge following, so when I heard Kris had won I was a little shocked! It was definitely one of the most exciting seasons of American Idol and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both Kris and Adam. Adam has such an amazing talent, it’s obvious he’ll go far, even without the American Idol title. Congratulations Kris!

Grand Opening of Dash Miami Tonight!

If you’re in Miami, stop by LIV tonight because Khloe, Kim and myself are going to be celebrating the grand opening of our new Dash Miami store! After the craziness these last two days we definitely need to unwind and have some fun, so come join us!

Copycat Vandalism At Our LA Dash!

After what happened yesterday I was shocked to find out this morning that our Dash back home in Calabasas had been vandalized last night! They left the same mark as they did on the Miami Dash, so it’s obvious it’s a copycat. Which means whoever did this must have visited my blog yesterday and seen the pic I posted!! You won’t get away with it! The police are going over the security camera tapes now, so don’t think you’re getting off lightly!! Khloe posted some photos of the damage this morning.