Next stop… Nasty Nati!

Next stop on our “tour” was Cincinnati!  We loved this place from the second we got off the plane in Kentucky!  You actually land in Kentucky, so we got to be in more places than we thought.  We posed with a joey outside of an Outback Steakhouse at the airport…lol just being silly!  Attached to our hotel was a Saks Fifth Avenue and a Victoria’s Secret…so we shopped of course.  It is always fun to shop in other cities and see how different the merchandise is from stores in Los Angeles.

While having chicken wings and beer in our hotel bar, we spotted a Hustler store across the street from our hotel.  We waltzed on over and checked out all of the sex stuff…haha!  There were some interesting people in there, not to mention some interesting stuff. My friend Frostee Rucker plays football for the Cincinnati Bengals, so of course he showed us around his city.  He’s the one who taught me about “Nasty Nati”.  He took us to a club called Blackfin Suite!  This is where we got a little crazy! After that, we opened up a bar that was closed!  Frostee knows the owners, so we were the only ones inside.  Now this is where things get extra fun…Courtney and I went to White Castle for the first time ever!  We absolutely loved it…ate two cheeseburgers each while sitting in bed talking!

Cincinnati we love you, we will be back…football20season maybe?

Late Birthday Dinner

Because I was in Mexico for my birthday, I didn’t get to celebrate with all of my friends.  My dear friend Jonathan treated me to a delicious dinner at Il Sole, one of our favorite restaurants in LA.  Khloe and Kelly Osbourne joined us!  We literally did not stop laughing the entire dinner. Don’t you love those dinners…when you just laugh so hard you almost cry?!   I’m wearing my fringe Christian Louboutin booties that I posted about earlier…I got them as a birthday gift from the girls at Dash and Smooch!  I am also wearing the American Apparel “leather” leggings, a white LNA v-neck t, pinstriped blazer, Marni feather necklaces (LOVE feathers for spring!), a Chanel purple metallic purse, and a beaded headband that I stole from Kim’s headband drawer….shhh!

Celeb Scoop: Kim’s Kitson DVD Launch, Brody in Mexico

Brody shares pics from his recent trip to Montreal. Check out his photos.

Kim launches her DVD and fan challenge this Saturday! See details on her blog.

Kendra tees off for charity in Hank’s hometown.  See the pics.

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I Adore: Oliver Peoples Sunglasses


I just ADORE these Oliver Peoples Alina sunglasses. I think they are so fun and different! I had to have them, I think they can totally MAKE an outfit! What sunglasses are you loving this spring?

Dallas Throwback

I went to college at SMU for two years before I transferred to UofA.  I LOVE Dallas, and literally have not been back since I left!  I missed it soooo much! What a fabulous city. We went to Stanley Korchack, one of the most amazing department stores ever. We also got a snack at Palamino, where my mom and sisters threw my surprise 20th birthday party. Dinner was at Patrizios, an old favorite Italian spot with some family friends that we hadn’t seen in too long.

We went to a nightclub right next door to our hotel Jouele called Dolce. We had as much fun as we could considering we were there for less than 24 hours! I need to go back soon for longer!

Kim posted some pics from Dallas on her blog, so make sure you take a look at those too!

Club Tour: First stop… Pittsburgh

I went on a three city club “tour” in January. It was my first time to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Columbus! I brought along one of my best friends whose name is also Courtney…we went to University of Arizona together and have been friends ever since. Courtney lives in NY, so it was fun to meet at our first stop Pittsburgh!  It was just like the college days. The bars were so much like the fun bars we went to in college. We hung out with everyone at the bar, and even took pictures with our new “friends”. The Buckhead Saloon was literally like a lodge with animal heads and wood walls! Our first Pittsburgh experience was a fun one, check back for the pics of our trips to Cincinnati and Columbus!