Lily’s Birthday

The girls who work at and run our stores Dash and Smooch are like sisters to us! They treat the stores as if they were their own, and allow us to venture off and work on projects outside of the stores. They are truly amazing! Whenever it is one of their birthdays, it is an EVENT! We usually have many celebrations…this is one of Lily’s birthday celebrations. We all had dinner at STK and then went to Coco Deville which is attached to STK. We had champagne, cake and tons of fun! Lily was tired of wearing her tiara, so I took the honor of wearing it! After the club, the girls and I went to Jerry’s Deli and ate everything in site! Chicken fingers, curly fries, all dipped in ranch dressing of course! What is your favorite late night food?

Cover Girl, Behind the Scenes

You have probably seen the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with all of the drama surrounding my first ever cover shoot (for March issue of 944 Magazine), but I thought you guys would love to see the behind the scenes pics! Yes, there was drama involved in the shoot, but I must say, it was a fabulous and fun shoot! We shot for over 12 hours!! It was so amazing to dress up in all the clothes, many vintage designer, which I love! I also wore a blonde wig and a short dark wig, and I swear I looked exactly like my mom in that one…it kinda tripped us all out!

Troy Jensen shot it, who also shot Khloe’s PETA campaign and has shot both of Kim’s calendars! He is a genius…and always makes me feel so comfortable…he was a perfect match for my first shoot.

Enjoy going behind the scenes!

Bowling with the Boys

So my family is kind of obsessed with bowling.  Kim and Reggie bought us all bowling balls two years ago for Christmas with rolling bags to keep them in!  I started out this game with a strike, so I told the boys I was for sure winning… well I jinxed myself because it was probably my worst game EVER!  Hey, I never said I was good at bowling, just said I love it!  Check out the pics of Reggie, Rob, JJ and I bowling, and check out Reggie’s bowling ball that Kim bought him…kinda scary, but he picked it out!

An important day in history…

I know that most of you know we are Armenian.  Our father was full Armenian.  Both of his parents were born in Los Angeles, but our great grandparents came to America just before the Armenian Genocide.  Growing up, my grandmother talked to us about this often and I even did a report on it for my history class.  I find that knowing your heritage is important in knowing yourself.  I just wanted to recognize this day in our history and honor those who died in 1915.

Kim and Khloe… I caved in! Welcome to My Blog!

Ok, so Kim and Khloe have been blogging for a while now, and I had always told them it wasn’t for me. They kept insisting that I blog too, and promised me I would love having my own “space” where I can say what I want and express myself! I got thinking about it and checked out their blogs, and thought they were such a great way to keep up with fans (and each other!), share our personal photos, stories and thoughts. Kim and Khloe, I’m caving in!!

My blog will grow as I grow, and I hope it will show you a little bit more of who I am.  Whoever that may be at the time…I hope you all enjoy coming here!  I love hearing from you all, so leave me a comment anytime!

- Kourtney xo

I Adore: Fabulous Fringe

christianloub_cagebootiesblkneta1How to die for are these fringe booties by Christian Louboutin?  I was literally dreaming about them…no joke!  The girls that run Smooch and Dash bought them for me for my birthday, and they are one of favorite birthday gifts!  I actually brought them with me to Mexico and wore them with a colorful Ikat print mini dress and huge beaded dangle earrings! I will wear them with everything…shorts, leggings, skinny jeans, dresses!  Sometimes lately when I wear a dress, I feel too boring, and these are definitely the perfect way to make a dress more stylish .