Club Tour: First stop… Pittsburgh

I went on a three city club “tour” in January. It was my first time to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Columbus! I brought along one of my best friends whose name is also Courtney…we went to University of Arizona together and have been friends ever since. Courtney lives in NY, so it was fun to meet at our first stop Pittsburgh!  It was just like the college days. The bars were so much like the fun bars we went to in college. We hung out with everyone at the bar, and even took pictures with our new “friends”. The Buckhead Saloon was literally like a lodge with animal heads and wood walls! Our first Pittsburgh experience was a fun one, check back for the pics of our trips to Cincinnati and Columbus!

Sheiva’s Birthday

Another Dash Dolls birthday…we call the girls that work at and run Dash and Smooch the Dash Dolls by the way! Sheiva‘s favorite restaurant is Benihana, so we always go there to celebrate her special day!  The other Dash Dolls were there too…Lily, Roya and Sydney, and Malika, Khadijah, Khloe and myself.  All girls, plus Sheiva‘s boyfriend Todd.  Our table talk was hilarious girl talk, you would have thought we forgot Todd was there!  We laughed so hard at this dinner we were all in tears!  I would share our conversation with you, but it is too crazy to even say! Don’t you LOVE fun girl talk that only you and your closest girls understand!?

We all went for bowling after, but ended up sitting and talking instead of bowling because our convo was THAT good!

Coco Loco

I went for a night out with Adrienne, JJ, Brittny and Nick to Coco Deville and had to share these silly pics.  I miss Adrienne! She is in NY working on her first solo album! I hung out with her in the studio last time I was in NY and heard some of the songs she was working on… I am sure you will all LOVE it as much as I do. As soon as I can share some with you, I will!  Oh, Ad…the good old days of you and I playing in LA… and by the way, I just found so many fun pics of us, so MANY more to come!  Stay tuned :)

Bringing out my inner Kim and Khloe

I am horrible at taking pictures. Whenever I bring a camera out, I always forget to use it! Kim and Khloe are pros, and so is Adrienne. Adrienne and I were a little bit bored out one night, so what else is there to do but take pictures of ourselves? Adrienne brought out my inner Kim and Khloe this night!

Kim Launches ‘Queen of the Kims’


Kim just launched her lookalike contest, ‘Queen of the Kims’, today! The competition is open to girls and drag queens who think they look like Kim. It sounds pretty hilarious. Kim and Tyra Banks already picked two finalists for the contest, one drag queen and one girl, but Kim will be choosing eight more finalists from the photos that are submitted. Once all ten finalists have been chosen, you guys will be able to vote for your favorite and the winner will receive a phone call from Kim and some great prizes, including jewelry and makeup and will get their picture posted on Kim’s blog.  Head over to the official contest page to enter!

Kim will be talking about the contest today on The Tyra Banks Show too so make sure you tune in.

Sea of Shoes

When it comes to fashion, shoes are definitely my favorite thing to buy! I stumbled upon Sea of Shoes randomly when looking for a certain pair of Givenchy shoes online. I was instantly obsessed with Jane!  Her passion for fashion reminds me of mine in high school when I used to sew clothes for my friends.  Her sense of style blows me away and she is only 17 years old!!  I truly admire her confidence and fashion risks she takes.  She is doing something right because her risks all work.  Even the way she decorates her “sets” when taking pictures is amazing…what a talented girl!  It will be fun to watch her fashion journey and see what she does with her talent…hmmm a clothing line we can sell at Dash?

I’m actually going to visit Jane’s vintage store in Dallas later this week so I hope I get to meet her and have a chat. I’ll post updates soon!