Everyone Loves Miami!

Khloe and I are having so much fun in Miami…what a fabulous city!  Of course some of our friends had to come visit.  Rob came and is still here!  He may never want to go home.  The twins, Malika and Khadijah came to visit…Malika was here for longer and may come back soon. Michael Yo from Yo on E! is actually Khloe’s boss at her radio show, so he comes every weekend. More visitors to come!

Mall Rats

Before I left for Miami, I needed to stock up on some last minute goodies. All the girls in my family are such mall rats…we could walk around the mall for hours and hours…it’s so much fun! I brought Kendall and Kylie with me…it’s so crazy how they are growing! They are both taller than me. I get it, I am the oldest and the shortest, but it’s still weird to me!  We ran into Lily and Roya who run our stores Smooch and Dash.  Everytime I go to the mall, I either go with Lily and Roya or they happen to be there and I run into them!  What can I say…we all love the mall!

Khloe!!! I HATE Blind Dates!

How sneaky is my sister Khloe?? She announced this on her radio show Friday night when I was her guest, but I never thought she would follow through with it. She knows that I despise dates! I find them awkward and unnecessary…haha! If something is meant to be, it just happens. I can’t believe I’m actually going to have to go on a date now! Ahhh! Thanks Khloe!

Where I Stand on Prop 8…

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Considering how advanced our world is, it disappoints me that this is even an issue today. It shocks me that in our pretty liberal state of California, same sex marriage is illegal. Discrimination of any kind completely confuses and disgusts me, and I hope that everyone who believes that we should be way past this, will speak up and spread your voice. Don’t let this hold you down. I truly believe we can make a difference if we just speak up.

Video courtesy of Courage Campaign

‘Khloe After Dark’ Starts Tonight on Y100

y100Khloe’s new radio show ‘Khloe After Dark‘ starts tonight on Y100 (100.7) Khloe is doing a five-week trial on one of Miami’s top radio stations from 12am to 3am and she’ll be chatting with celebrity guests and talking about the latest in celebrity and music news. Make sure you tune in to Y100 tonight for her show!

Watch Our Interview on THS 500 Tonight

Tonight is the 500th Episode Special of E! True Hollywood Story and Kim, Khloe and I did an interview for the show, so make sure you tune in at 10/9c!

The show also airs tomorrow at 6pm, Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 11am.

I can’t believe there have been 500 episodes!!! What are some of your favorites?