Kourtney and Khloe on Halloween

Some of my friends in NYC were out at a party and ran into ‘Kourtney and Khloe‘…so funny these girls dressed like us for Halloween. I love that she rocked the BUMP! How do u think they did?

Tyra Does Her Best Kim Impression for Halloween

Kim showed me this pic of Tyra on her show for Halloween! I thought it was hilarious and amazing! We love Tyra and had a blast going on her show. I love the cutouts of Khloe and I! And the Kim hair!! Halloween is the best…ugh still don’t know what to be. I need two costumes. Any thoughts?

Tune in today at 4 p.m. to watch The Tyra Banks Show on The CW.

Countdown to Halloween

My mom used to make our whole family dress alike every year for Halloween. My mom is majorly obsessed with holidays… her house is always decorated over the top for every holiday since I was born. It makes it fun for all of us. This one year they were all the Wizard of Oz characters! My grandfather is the lion… my mom’s dad Harry, who we all miss so very much.  I was away at college and probably in Las Vegas or something with my friends!

I have no clue what to be this year…what is everyone going to dress up as and any ideas for a pregnant girl? My only thought is Juno.

Kim’s 11th Birthday Slumber Party

Kim and I are 18 months apart, so we always had all the same friends growing up and did everything together…not much has changed! For Kim’s 11th birthday, we had all of our friends come over for the ultimate slumber party…we watched Grease a million times while acting out every scene and singing, did facials, ate junkfood and had a blast! I miss those days!

Kardashian Fashion Faceoff

Check out People mag’s Fashion Faceoff! I love how Kim and I are posing exactly the same… sisters of course! Is it really fair to compare my sexy sister at the Maxim Hot 100 party, who happened to be on the HOT 100 list, with an almost 8 month pregnant girl? Haha… I love it! I know a lot of people think pregnant women should ONLY wear loose, baggy clothes… what do you guys think? It’s pretty obvious what I think!

We are both wearing H&M dress. I am wearing YSL pumps.

Yes, I did cut my hair!

My extensions were wayyyy too long! I agree with all of your comments, lol. When I get them put in, I usually get them cut that same day and didn’t have time for about a week. I really love them for a shoot or a special occasion… thanks to the wonderful Rob Scheppy for the hair look… I just prefer them a little shorter for every day.

Which look do you prefer… the long extensions or my shorter look?