Do You See a Little Baby Bump Here?

I was looking through pictures on my computer and came across this picture from Miami when Khloe and I were shooting the main titles of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami.  This was the music video type intro to the show “I’m In Miami Trick!”  It brings back so many memories of Khloe and I having an absolute blast in Miami!  I miss that amazing city…I will bring the baby one day so he can play on the beach!

Do you see a little baby bump here? It’s so crazy to look back and see how my body has changed. It’s so unbelievable what a woman’s body is capable of.  I completely embrace my pregnant body and think a pregnant woman’s body is one of the most beautiful things in the world!

A Trip to the Doc’s Office

Scott and I look forward to our doctor’s appointments every time!  Here we are heading out of our appointment last week and then off to lunch! It’s usually our routine to eat together when we go.  This time we had a yummy meal at Nate N’Als, which is a deli that I have been going to literally since I was born.  The same waitress, Gloria, is still there and remembers Kim and I coming in there with matching dresses and bows in our hair…she said my mom always dressed us matching perfectly.  If you have seen any of our childhood pics on Kim’s blog, you know this is true!

It’s pretty weird walking out of the doctor’s office with a bunch of paparazzi and video guys standing there, so we look a little caught off guard in the pics lol. :)

I am wearing LNA leggings, plaid tunic from Zara, Chinese Laundry thigh high boots, Balenciaga bag and Dita sunglasses.

Old Friends!

There is nothing like hanging out with old friends that know you so well! A couple weeks ago I had a bunch of my college girlfriends in town for my baby shower!  They flew from Philadelphia, New York, Arizona… it was really amazing that they all flew here to come to celebrate my baby!  We all put a lot of effort into staying in touch, we all talk at least a few times a week and try to see each other whenever possible.  Some of them I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and it seemed like we saw each other the day before!  Those are the best kind of friends!  Here we are having lunch in Beverly Hills and then we walked to a couple of stores.  One of my girlfriends, Melissa is also pregnant with a boy…so fun that we are having boys together.

I am wearing Donna Karan leggings, Monroe leopard tank, Pencey blazer, Balenciaga bag, Vera Wang boots, Dita sunglasses and a necklace I stole from Kim :) so not sure where she got it!

Smooch is Closing


My mom and I opened our children’s clothing boutique Smooch six years ago.  My grandmother has had a children’s boutique in LaJolla for 30 years now, and it was always a dream of my mom’s and mine to have a store of our own.  I used to work in the store all day, every day, stay hours after closing and was obsessed with it…Smooch was my baby!  The energy and love I put into the store truly paid off and in a weird way, the store really helped me deal with my father’s death…I put my feelings into the store!

After thinking about it long and hard, we have decided to close Smooch.  This does make me sad, but I also know that I don’t have the time (especially now that I will have my baby boy to take care of) that the store deserves to be the Smooch that we created.  It is just not the same without me and my mom there to run it.

That being said, almost everything in Smooch is now half off!  All of the adorable furniture and accessories are for sale as well.  Happy shopping!! You can always call the store for assistance (818) 222-4211. And you never know what can happen, maybe we will open a Dash kids one day if I am missing it!  And for now, the Smooch website has a few of our best items that we will keep up…