One of My Obsessions…

I am absolutely obsessed with decorating my home! Decorating has been a passion of mine for years… and I have been waiting to finally have a house to decorate!

I did decorate my townhouse, but my new house is much more of a project. I am inspired by so many different styles of decor, that it was hard to pick a direction to go in. Overall, I think going with what you love, what inspires you, and also what is comfortable yet stylish works best! I think of decorating a home similar to dressing stylish! I love to mix designer with vintage and old pieces that are meaningful. I love to find pieces on travels and journeys. I love things with meaning or a story. And I just love what I love. There is no way to define taste. But I think most importantly in home design, everything should represent ME and my family! There is nothing worse than walking into a beautiful home with no personality.

I will share some of my treasures that I have picked up on my vintage hunts, and just some amazing finds that I come across. So here is the first thing I will be sharing since I am out of town and can’t take any photos of things in my home!

I just received these as a gift and i am in love with them! They are gold salt and pepper shakers by L’objet. ALL of their collection is amazing, but these are so much fun and my kitchen has gold knobs, lights and other accents so they are perfect for me!

Behind the Scenes at ‘Shape’

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I wanted to share this video from behind the scenes at my Shape Magazine shoot! I’m going to be giving away some signed copies of my June cover issue so stay tuned for that!!

See more pics from my Shape cover shoot here.


Kourtney Kardashian Instagram Que


The Kardashian/Jenners Do Katy Perry

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Kendall and Kylie made this video with our whole family and I’m obsessed with it!!!!!!!!!

We had so much fun making it… just being silly and fooling around.

Every time I hear this Katy Perry song I thing of my mom’s face saying “You’re so hypnotizing!”

A Trip to NYC with Mason

Mason and I flew to New York from Las Vegas to visit Scott‘s parents. Scott had to fly to Chicago for the night, but met up with us the next day!

After a long day of traveling, Mason is still in a great mood as always. I was blessed with the best baby in the world!

I am wearing a Seven for all Mankind denim shirt, Monrow t shirt, Donna Karan leggings, Minnetonka boots and Hermes birkin.

Mason is wearing a Puma Ferrari sweatsuit, Vans sneakers,  Me in Mind socks and a Joah Love t shirt.