What Happens in Vegas…

I went with Scott, Mason and some friends to Las Vegas to attend an event with Scott that he was hosting at Chateau nightclub for 4th of July weekend!

I couldn’t decide what to wear so I took it to Twitter for some help! All of the responses led me to my outfit… I will wear the other dress to an event soon, but I think you guys were right that the bone colored leather dress was more Vegas appropriate than the black cocktail dress.

I’m wearing an Alice & Olivia dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Charlotte Lu necklace and a Cecilia clutch.

This Made Me Laugh So Hard!!

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This seriously made me laugh so hard!! The Crowes spoofed our Katy Perry ET video that we made! They did such a good job… I was literally laughing out loud and Scott keeps asking me what I am laughing at… I said you just have to see this to get it. I LOVE IT!

Crazy Christian Louboutins!

Kourtney Kardashian Christian Louboutin Fashion Shoes 8-inch heels ballet

Wow!! Check out these 8-inch-high Swarovski-detailed Christian Louboutins!

They were inspired by ballet shoes and designed to help raise money for the English National Ballet.

Tough to walk in, I’m sure, but so beautiful, lol.

Snack Time! On the GO…

One of mine and Mason’s favorite things to do is snack! Here are some of my favorite things I have found, which make eating outside of the house easy breezy!

All of this has helped me a lot, so hope it helps someone else!! Happy snacking!!

PACK IT: I keep this in the freezer and when it is time for an outing, I put Mason’s bottle inside and any food that needs to be refrigerated. It keeps the food cold for up to 10 hours…wow! Sometimes we are out and about ALL day, so this has been beyond helpful!

Snack containers with lids: I love these containers to put to go meals in. I put yogurt (plain full fat organic Greek) in one, pureed fruit in another, and mix them together when we are out. I even put shaved turkey meat in one…all sorts of stuff! Two that I like that are pictured here are elegant baby (green and blue) and Kinder Ville (yellow and green).

Boon Snack Balls: I keep these always filled with snacks in the pantry and one in the diaper bag. These are perfect to grab when taking Mason on a walk in his stroller.

See the rest of my favorite snack products here.

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Family Day at the Beach!


I think family time is important every day, but no matter what, Sunday is family day. Whether we all relax at home, go to the beach or the zoo, we always plan something fun!

Scott, Mason and I headed to the beach to meet some of our closest friends! It’s amazing how calm and relaxed the beach makes me instantly feel. It’s just a different lifestyle down at the beach. The water was very cold, so we just dipped our toes in and played in the sand.

I put Mason down for a nap under an umbrella. I love how Mason adapts so easily to any situation we are in… like being able to sleep at the beach.

I’m wearing an H&M top, Amanda Uprichard shorts, vintage Carrera sunglases, Alexander McQueen bangle, Sam Edelman flats, Goyard beach bag, Hermes birkin and Charlotte Lu necklace.

Mason is wearing a Stella McCartney shirt, Egg pants and Janie & Jack shoes.