Comfortable But Stylish Pregnancy Fashion

We are still working on moving our DASH Calabasas store to Los Angeles. I went to meet with Jeff Andrews who will be helping with the design of the new space. I hope it all comes together and we find the perfect DASH space to move the store!

I am wearing a Heather top, Sandra Weil blazer, Mason leather leggings and Christian Louboutin shoes. I am obsessed with these Mason leather leggings! They are are regular stretchy leggings on the top section, so I can wear them while pregnant!

Its all about finding comfortable but stylish clothes that work!

Dealing with My Anxiety

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When I am feeling very stressed out or anxious, I get a crazy tense feeling in my throat and neck almost like I need to hold my neck up with my hands. It started when my father passed away where I couldn’t swallow food because I was so anxious. I heard about John Newton being able to help with things like this and decided to meet with him. He was very helpful in getting me to release this feeling. I had to pass this along to others who may have different types of pain (physical or emotional) with something that has helped me so much. Watch the clip here.

You can check out John’s website here.

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Chocolate Croissants and Lemonade

Mason and I went on a Saturday morning outing for chocolate croissants and lemonade. We then went to see the animals. We even ran into my mom and Kim while walking around! Then we went to watch them play tennis and run around. What a fun family Saturday!

I am wearing a Twelfth street by Cynthia Vincent top, Seven for All Mankind Jeans, balenciaga flats, tom ford sunglasses.

Mason is wearing a Ralph lauren shirt, H&M pants and Venettini loafers.

Pics from Fame/Flynet

Vintage Shopping Adventures

Joyce and I went on a vintage shopping journey to find some treasures for our homes! We haven’t gone in way too long and always love going, and we could never go without each other.

Then we headed to lunch at Stanley’s and met up with Scott and Mason!

I am wearing a Pinkyotto top, Prada sweater, Donna Karan leggings, Zara boots, Celine bag and Porsche sunglasses.

Pics from PCN

Our New Kardashian Kolors for Spring

This month we are releasing seven new Kardashian Kolors for Spring, which will be available exclusively at CVS!

They are: Strike a Pose (orange/pink), Smile for the Glam-era (dark purple), Paparazzi Don’t Preach (pale pink), Our Fuchsia’s Looking Bright (Pink/Purple), One Big Happy Fame-ily (palest purple), Ladies in the Limelight (bright yellow), and Back to Reality (blueish lavender.)

All the kolors are included in the photo gallery so take a look and let me know which color is your favorite? Spring is all about brights and you can definitely make a statement with these new colors.