Braided in Dallas!

Kim and I went for some fun new hair looks while we were in Dallas. I think braids are a really fun look for spring!

The only problem is, they can be hard to do yourself, so maybe have your sister or a friend help you and you can braid their hair in return! If you want a simpler version to do yourself, try braiding small sections of hair on each side of your head and sweeping up in to a bun. There are lots of great tutorials online so have a look around and try out different looks to see what you like.

Happy braiding, dolls!

Pic from Splash

Family Time in Dallas

Kim and I surprised Khloe is Dallas and went out for a family meal before heading to the Mavs game! I went to college in Dallas at SMU so it was exciting to go back. It was the first city that I truly lived on my own and holds lots of memories.

I’m wearing a Kate Spade coat,  Alice and Olivia leggings (DASH), LNA t shirt, Prada sunglasses and a Celine bag.


My First Ever Mavericks Game

Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Lamar Odom Dallas Mavericks

I went to my first ever Mavericks game to support Lamar, of course! He didn’t know we were coming into town so he was so shocked when he saw me sitting with Khloe… his face was priceless. Too cute. I love the spirit and energy the Mavs fans have! Gooooo Dallas Mavericks!

I am wearing a Pencey jacket, Alice and Olivia leggings (DASH), LNA t-shirt (DASH), Celine Bag and Kardashian Kollection boots.

Scott Visits Kardashian Khaos!

Scott visited the Kardashian Khaos store while in Las Vegas last week! He was staying at The Mirage so of course, his first stop was the store!  He took some silly pics to show me how the store was looking! How funny!?