Happy Father’s Day

I always miss my father on Father’s Day of course, but also feel blessed to have had the best father anyone could ask for. He taught me so much, gave me unconditional love and warmth. He gave me my confidence, my spirituality, my sense of humor, my loyalty. I cherish my memories with him every day and take his example when raising my son. For that, I am forever grateful.

I am also blessed with Bruce in my life as my second father who has done nothing but love me, my siblings and my son. I am so lucky!

And of course I am also happy to celebrate Father’s Day with Scott, the father of my children. The light and love that he has for Mason makes my heart melt. It is a pleasure to watch his growth as he takes this journey as a father.

I wish everyone a very happy Father’s Day.

Red Smooches

Kourtney Kardashian Red Lipstick Smooches Instagram

Red smooches

Macrame for Summer!

What do you guys think of the crochet and macrame trend? One of my favorite dresses right now is my macrame Kardashian Kollection dress. It’s great for summer, has a boho-chic feel to it and so unique looking. When I wear mine everyone always asks me where I got it from! It comes in cream and black… which one do you guys prefer?

Sister Shoot!

Kourtney Khloe Kim Kardashian Sears Kollection Campaign

This is one of my favorite photo shoots my sisters and I have done together!

Shout out to the amazing glam team… Peter Savic did my hair. Francesca Tolot did my makeup. Photographer was Alix Malka. And Simone Harouche was the stylist! Love you guys!

First Look at Our Interview with Oprah

This was honestly one of the the most surreal days I’ve ever had. Oprah Winfrey sitting in my mom’s house, on our couch, next to me and my whole family.� An amazing experience and we can’t wait for you guys to see the interview. Here’s the first sneak peek at the interview. Tune in Sunday at 8pm on OWN for part one of our family interview.

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