The Kindness Project

On Saturday I spent the day with my friend Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia to create a kindness wall. Stacey felt inclined to spread kindness after a series of tragedies like the Boston bombing. She was inspired to do these kindness walls which are not only aesthetically beautiful but send a beautiful message. She is one of my mommy muses. She inspires me as a mom every day balancing it all.

The Kindness Project was started to inspire kindness and creativity for all ages. The concept is to create beautiful artistic walls in public places that are covered in positive messages of love and kindness that people can take, share or add to with their own positive messages. All of the kindness cards have a drawing or painting on one side and the message on the other side, which makes the wall colorful and vibrant with beauty and love! It’s a simple and sweet way to help make the world a better place.

The Kindness Project has often taken the form of a collaborative wall, but sometimes Stacey has made these beautiful tree installations where people hang cards as leaves and sometimes it is expressed in the form of an instagram message that brightens people’s day. The hashtag #thekindnessproject lets us aggregate the positive messages! You can also add/take from the kindness wall in either Alice & Olivia or Dash Boutique in Southampton or make your own. Kind words can heal!