I Adore: Whimsical Balloons for Home Decor

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I was at a photo shoot at a studio in Santa Monica about a month ago when the amazing Peter Savic, who gives my hair some of his magic touch when I get so lucky, took me next door to a Japanese paper store, Hiromi Paper Store. I fell in love with the store which has the most beautiful and delicate papers. Dangling from the ceiling are these dainty and whimsical Japanese paper balloons called Kamifusen. I didn’t even know what they were but I had to have them! I bought a bunch of them and blew them up when I got home. I have since found so many beautiful ways that people have displayed them. I have been meaning to make a garland out of them to hang in my daughter’s room. They are so beautiful and special I just had to share!

Photos from Pinterest.