Easter Egg Decorating Party Tips & Tricks

Kourtney Kardashian Easter Egg Decorating Party
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I love having a bunch of kids over for the holidays and celebrating life! For spring and Easter, everyone came over and we had an Easter egg decorating party.

My first thought was what on earth is inside of those little tablets of dye? I decided to go for the all natural dye this year. I started researching how to make all natural dyes and the more the clock was ticking closer to party time, the more those tablets were sounding like a good idea. Luckily, I came across an all natural dye kit on Williams Sonoma website! Even better they were on sale, so I swooped up a bunch of these adorable kits. I especially loved that they came with egg cartons for my guests to take their eggs home in. They also came with the little wire egg holder to dip the eggs into the dyes, making it so easy.

I also bought some other kits from Williams Sonoma that came with glitter, stickers and a bunch of other goodies to make our eggs extra delightful. I just didn’t use these dyes and just used the ones from the all natural kits. A little mix and match.

I wrapped my table with white construction paper and set up little stations all down the table for everyone to decorate.

I set out my mason jar drink dispenser  filled with water and sliced strawberries, oranges and lemons for everyone to sip on. We made some brown rice tortilla quesadillas just to be super easy.

I also ended up buying the Williams Sonoma ceramic egg crates to keep my pretty eggs nicely in the fridge. And with those all natural dyes, we can even eat our pretty eggs.

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with the beginning of spring!