Please Help Our Cici!

Kourtney Kardashian - Please Help Our Cousin Cici Bussey Find a Bone Marrow Stem Cell Donor

Hi everyone. Our family really needs your help. My cousin Cici recently found out that after 17 years of battling cancer, her body has stopped responding to the chemotherapy and she desperately needs a bone marrow stem cell transplant.

Because Cici is of Armenian descent she needs to receive bone marrow from an Armenian donor, which means the pool of options is a lot smaller and she’s having a difficult time finding a match. We are asking that any of you who are Armenian, have Armenian friends or extended family members consider signing up as a donor at the bone marrow registry, in hopes that we can find a match for Cici and give our beloved cousin many more years to live.

Cici explained the process to us, and it’s actually not as intense as you might think. One procedure, called PBSC, is nonsurgical and just like giving blood. You can be in and out of hospital in the same day and might even be able to save a life. We urge that you at least read more about the procedure and tell your Armenian friends of family.

Because Cici is 100% Armenian the need for an Armenian donor is the most important. She has aligned herself with the Armenian bone marrow donor bank and you can get more info here: