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Sleeping is such a popular topic amongst all new mommies.

People always ask how are they sleeping? Are you getting any sleep? Every baby is different. I personally love sleeping with my babies. I love having that extra time with them at night and love how easy it makes breast feeding. For the first few months, I do get up and sit in my glider to nurse, and have those special precious moments at night. You only live once and I love to cherish every precious moment while I can, which is why I adore sleeping with my children.

There are a lot of tips that I strongly recommend for co-sleeping safely if you are going to try it. Watch the video for my tips!
I also recently discovered Sleepyhead, (which I don’t believe is available yet in the US). It is very similar to the Snuggle Nest, which I used last time. This time I have been loving the Sleepyhead. Amazing for sleeping in different beds (traveling), etc… I also am using the Arm’s Reach co-sleeper this time around, which is wonderful! I love the safety aspect of it and also the accessibility and closeness it provides.

I recently have been reading some of Dr. Sears books (The Attachment Parenting Book and The Baby Sleep Book,) which offer lots of tips and advice on co-sleeping as well as many benefits (helps prevent SIDS and lots more!) Dr. Sears’ website also lists some quick safety rules as well if you don’t have time to read an entire book.

Happy cuddle sessions and sweet dreams!