What An Easter!

We started our Easter with an early church service, then went to my mom’s house for our Armenian breakfast… beeshee that I make a few times a year! With beeshee,I  make the dough the day before and let it rise and then in the morning we roll it out and fry it. Kendall has taken over the frying job, which Khloe usually does, but she has been in Dallas for our last two beeshee sessions! We opened Easter baskets and did an Easter egg hunt! This year was one of my favorite Easter’s… getting to see the excitement my child had over this wonderful holiday.

i am wearing a Saunders dress, Maloles ballet flats, Push earrings, Tom Ford sunglasses.

Mason is wearing Tom and Drew blazer, shirt and pants, Nashelle necklace, Venettini loafers and Appaman sunglasses.