Music Video Time with My Soul Sisters!

Kourtney Kardashian Jenner Family Music Video Lady Marmalade Moulin Rouge
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It’s become a family tradition of ours to make music videos whenever we have the whole family together for a special occasion. In Bora Bora we did a music video for Katy Perry’s ‘ET’ and this time around we covered ‘Lady Marmalade.’ We never got to finish this video but we thought we would post it anyway! We have so much fun making these and I love the sister theme of Lady marmalade! Khloe finally made it into one of our videos… this one we filmed on the set of our Christmas card shoot. Partayyyyy!

Kendall and Kylie always do such an amazing job shooting and editing the movies. I swear they are pros! Kylie directed this one.

Watch the video here!