My Top 5 ‘KKTNY’ Moments

Hey dolls, so tonight is part two of the finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York on E!. It was an emotional season for us all, and as crazy as ever, so I wanted to share my top five moments!

1. Pranking the paparazzi!

Kim and I dressed up on blond wigs and hoodies and Carla and Shieva dressed up as us, to see if we could confuse the paps! It totally worked… suckaaaas!

2. Snake shopping with Khloe

When Khloe’s in town you just know we’re going to get up to something crazy… so of course, we ended up at a pet store shopping for snakes!

3. Visiting the aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut

Kim and I took Mason to Mystic, Connecticut for the day to visit the aquarium. We had so much fun seeing all the animals and it’s an experience Mason and I will never forget.

4. Getting our portrait done

As much as I dislike putting cheesy, framed photos up around the house, it was definitely fun to spend some quality time with Scott getting our portrait done. It was something that was very important to him and I’m glad we did it.

5. Meeting with John Edward

If you saw last week’s episode you’ll know that I went with Kim to her reading with John Edward. It ended up being an amazing and touching experience for us both.

Don’t miss the big finale! Tonight at 10/9c on E!