Bruno Schiavi’s Interview with Celebuzz

Kourtney Kardashian Bruno Schiavi Kardashian Kollection Co-Creator Celebuzz Interview

The co-creator of our Kardashian Kollection, Bruno Schiavi, just did a fab interview with Celebuzz and I wanted to share with you all. He talks all about our new denim, home and swimwear collections, which we are all so excited about and talks you through the Kardashian Kollection design process!!

Read a portion of the interview here on my blog and read the rest on Celebuzz.

Celebuzz: A lot of our readers are very excited to learn more about working with the Kardashians.  What is it like working with the three very different sisters who all have a different aesthetic and have a different style?

It’s so funny because when I first started working with the girls I thought, “Oh my God, were going to have three girls, three different opinions, very, very stylish, sophisticated, glamorous women that are all going to want to design something totally different. How is this going to work?”

The great thing about them is that they do have their own personal sense of style. They are very unique in whom they are but at the same time, they do come together as sisters and they to tend to agree on most things because they have the same vision. They really have a passion for fashion.