Beauty Comes From Within!

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I have been getting so many tweets and comments about the herbs that I’m constantly drinking on the show. There has been a lot of interest about what they are. I went to this amazing place over the summer called Surya Spa and ended up getting amazing life changing treatments that I will write more about later. I first met with Martha Soffer who is an acclaimed 22-year Ayurvedic therapist and Ayurvedic chef, Panchakarma & Marma specialist. She took my pulse and we talked for two hours and she customized some herbs for me specifically.

She made me a combination of herbs to help balance my body.  She also added some compatible herbs for my nervous system and energy, and finally, some herbs for my skin and hair. I drink them three times a day if I remember, otherwise two times for sure. I truly am a believer that beauty comes from within so try my best to treat my body well. What you eat and drink shows in your skin!

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(Not actual pic of my herbs!)