This Breaks My Heart

Hey guys. I want to share some very sad news that absolutely breaks my heart. The weekend of July 4, a family of five from Houston, Texas was involved in a terrible car accident. The family, who was returning home from vacationing in Colorado, was hit head-on after a driver veered into oncoming traffic while trying to pass another vehicle.

The parents were killed upon impact and their three children (nine-year-old Peter, 8-year-old Aaron and 6-year-old Willa) are in serious condition. Doctors have already performed abdominal surgery on Aaron to repair lacerations to his internal organs and have provided Peter with a spine-stabilizing procedure. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether either boy will be able to walk again. The daughter, Willa, survived with only a few broken bones.

My plea to all of you is to consider these children as a part of your family and help them by donating to a fund that will help pay for their short-term and long-term medical care. Head over to their donation page for more information.

This is a case that pulls on my heartstrings because it resulted from reckless driving and could have been avoided. Please think of these children and donate to the Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust.