Snack Time! On the GO…

One of mine and Mason’s favorite things to do is snack! Here are some of my favorite things I have found, which make eating outside of the house easy breezy!

All of this has helped me a lot, so hope it helps someone else!! Happy snacking!!

PACK IT: I keep this in the freezer and when it is time for an outing, I put Mason’s bottle inside and any food that needs to be refrigerated. It keeps the food cold for up to 10 hours…wow! Sometimes we are out and about ALL day, so this has been beyond helpful!

Snack containers with lids: I love these containers to put to go meals in. I put yogurt (plain full fat organic Greek) in one, pureed fruit in another, and mix them together when we are out. I even put shaved turkey meat in one…all sorts of stuff! Two that I like that are pictured here are elegant baby (green and blue) and Kinder Ville (yellow and green).

Boon Snack Balls: I keep these always filled with snacks in the pantry and one in the diaper bag. These are perfect to grab when taking Mason on a walk in his stroller.

See the rest of my favorite snack products here.

Innobaby Stackable Snack Holder: I love these! I keep one always filled in my diaper bag. That way, I always have 5 different types of snacks on me in case Mason isn’t into something that day. I also keep one always full in the pantry so I have backup.

Snack Happened Bag: I keep this in my diaper bag with spoons, forks and pacis.

I love the Beaba spoons and forks and Nuk pacis or nanas as Mase says!

Munchkin Sippy Cups: I love these…fun colors and easy for Mason to drink from.

The place mat in the background is by Emily Green. I used to sell these at Smooch. They are adorable and kids can draw on the back!