Airport Style: Comfortable & Warm

We are home after two long weeks of traveling! I HAVE to be comfortable when I travel… and warm! I hate being cold on the airplane, so even though it was hot out in NYC when we left, I layered so that I’d be warm. I almost always travel in leggings and flat boots because that is what I am most comfortable in.

Of course I always make sure Mason is super comfortable too! I always bring him an extra layer too just in case like a hooded sweater or a jean jacket. Always socks, and I take off both of our shoes once we get situated on the plane.

I always get anxious when I travel with Mason, but he is such a fantastic traveler! Taking a late night flight when its a long one makes things easy too because he falls asleep and sleeps the whole way through.

I am wearing a Smythe top (DASH), LNA tank (DASH), Donna Karan leggings, Minnetonka boots, Hermes bag, Gucci hat (borrowed from the fabulous Khloe Odom!)

Mason is wearing Splendid t-shirt, Egg pants, vintage belt, Gap socks and Freshly Picked moccasins.

Pics from PacificCoastNews