My Love Affair with Breast Feeding Has Come to An End

My love affair with breast feeding has come to a sad end. When I was pregnant with Mason I said I would try breast feeding but not beat myself up if it didn’t work out or wasn’t for me. When my angel was born and my breasts filled up with milk, we got to work and I was nursing almost every hour at times. I loved it and so did he. Trust me, in the beginning there were those times when it did hurt very badly until I got used to it, and then it was very easy for us.

I said I would try to nurse him for six months and see how I felt. At six months I said I would nurse for a year and see how I felt. At a year, I introduced Mason to cow’s milk and goat’s milk and alternated the two. (All organic of course). I listened to lots of people say “when are you going to stop nursing already?!” At 13 months, I had weaned from all of our day feedings, but we continued to nurse all night long.

At 14 months I finally tried to stop and end the night feedings. I put cold cabbage leaves in my bra which so many people told me to try. My breasts were hard, lumpy and painful. I wasn’t happy and he wasn’t happy and I just couldn’t help but feel this was not natural. I said to myself, if Mason wants to nurse I will let him. That night he pulled at my shirt while we were asleep and I nursed him. We both felt so much better. He did that three more nights only one time a night and then he stopped. He was done nursing and that meant so was I. My breasts didn’t hurt this time at all.

I seriously could cry just thinking about it being over. I love what a beautiful experience I had with my son and just wanted to share it.