PerfectSkin True Stories: Alisha

Hi dolls. I was sent this fab true story from Alisha, who has been using PerfectSkin and has had amazing results. I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s great to know so many of you are having great results with PerfectSkin. I’m so glad we can share our beauty secrets with you all.

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Alisha’s story:

I have had problems for a long time with breakouts and dryness. I have used an acne skin line for years now. The acne skin line worked but made my skin flaky, dry, and did not address aging issues.  I have tried many skin lines that are suppose to  help with breakouts and aging, but I have found that they all make me break out. When you deal with breakouts for years you do not want to try anything new in fear that it may make you break out. You tend to stick to what “works”.   I have stuck to the acne skin line so that I would not break out then.  I have not used a moisturizer in fear again that it would make me  breakout.  It is such a battle. I saw the infomercial and did research on this product and decided to try it.

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I have used this product for over a month now and amazingly it did not create any new breakouts! That in itself is phenomenal! This product is making my skin soft, smooth, and seems to be plumping my skin a little. The plumping factor is making imperfections less noticeable. I also am noticing some fine lines almost disappearing! I just got a comment from my girlfriend the other day saying” your skin looks so pretty!” “It’s glowing”!! “What are you using?”. That meant a lot to me.  I am finally feeling pretty in my skin!   Thank you for taking away my fear of using a moisturizer and helping my skin look younger!! I am almost 30, so I am trying to look as young as I can and take care of my skin. Thank, thank, thank you! I finally have a good skin line that does not make me break out!!!

Thank you,
Alisha, Age 29 (Oshkosh , WI )