Congrats to My Skip Hop Playspot Winners!

I received over 900 entries for my Skip Hop giveaway last week so it was really hard to pick my three winners. It’s always fun to read through your comments and hear about your experiences with your little ones.

Congratulations to my three winners, Rebecca, Natalie and Nicole! You will each be receiving a Skip Hop playspot and bedding set. I’ve posted the winners comments after the jump for you guys to read. More fun giveaways to come…

Rebecca: So this is baby #5 for me. I’m due in about 6 weeks and sooooo looking forward to meeting my new baby, while all in all trying to stay chic and away from all the frilly stuff they make now-a-days. Things are changing every six months it’s incredible, my youngest is five so it’s been a while. Anyway, when I was a little girl, I had this rainbow bright doll that I learned to braid hair on, and when I was even younger, the glow worm was my favorite, I can’t believe it’s still selling!! <3 the sad part about it is that when we came to California on the GREYHOUND my doll got left in the bus when we stopped for grub and someone stole it : (

Natalie : My favorite toy was definitely the Easy Bake oven! I loved to play house and bake goodies for my babies. I’m a mom to 2 beautiful little girls Lyla & Kalina. Lyla will be 2 tomorrow and Kalina will be 1 in October! I can’t wait for them to be old enough to start baking me stuff! My girls are only 13 months apart and most of the time we are playing on the floor together. It would be awesome to have a super chic mat like this. I don’t have a separate play room so we spend all of our time right in the middle of the living room. This would be super cute and super useful for me! Hope I get picked! Keep up the great work you are doing as a mommy to Mason! He’s such a cutie! Thanks!

Nicole: My favorite toy was my My Buddy doll. He almost life size and there was so much I could do with him. I had a LARGE imagination, my favorite things to play involved imaginary friends, stores, classrooms, etc. and my Buddy fit right into that pretend play. Sometimes he was my son, sometimes my student. I am pregnant now with my 1st child, a little girl, and I hope she has the same imagination I had growing up!