Pacifiers… What Are Your Thoughts?

I promised that I would continue blogging about my experience as a mommy, so here is my first blog on my site. I love to read comments and hear feedback with your own experiences too, so feel free to share and comment!

I think one debate that a lot of moms have is whether or not to use a pacifier with your baby. When Mason was first born, I remember my mom always saying how mean I was for not giving him a pacifier. He just didn’t want it or care for it too much. As time went on, we started using a paci for Mason’s naps. As he got even a little bit older, he does not like to be in the car seat for too long, so the paci helped with that too, for a second anyway. I always keep a paci on me for emergency situations. It has come in handy for me especially in a restaurant or on an airplane. Do you think there is such thing as using a paci too much? I personally do. I love to hear mason’s little voice, watch him smile, see his cute little facial expressions.

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I have read that pacifiers actually help protect babies from SIDS when used for nap or bedtime. I loved this and it made me feel better when using a paci with Mason. I have also read not to use a paci until your baby can latch onto your breast well if you are breast feeding.

I have heard some mixed things as far as when to wear your baby off of the pacifier. I have heard after four months, after one year. So when is the right time to take that paci away? They will eventually not be using a paci obviously, so does when they stop using it even matter? I know there can be some effects as far as teeth are concerned.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

I just got Mason these new pacifiers from NUK that he loves. I love that they look like little animal faces. I also think the personalized pacifiers are very cute. A lot of people sent them for Mason when he was born

Mason is wearing pajamas by No Added Sugar.