Poolside With Mason on Fourth of July Weekend!

This week for my Moms and Babies blog I wrote about our Fourth of July weekend in NYC. What did you all do for the fourth?

For the long Fourth of July weekend we ALL — Mason, Scott, Kris, Kim, Khloé, Lamar, Kendall and our entire camera crew! — headed off to the Big Apple! It was Mason’s first trip to New York, where Scott was born and raised.

Scott and I enjoyed taking Mason around the city, strolling outside. What a fantastic city for children with the culture, the museums, the parks, endless activities and the energy.

We also took Mason out to the Hamptons to visit Scott’s parents, who Mason doesn’t get a chance to see every day like he does my family. Naturally, the grandparents were beyond excited to spend some nice time with their grandson relaxing by the pool.

Mason LOVES the pool! (Lots of sunscreen, a swim diaper and a big hat, of course.)

Which brings me to a subject I could use feedback on: I am thinking of having Mason start swimming lessons this summer. I’ve heard that babies become great swimmers when taught early because of their natural survival instinct to hold their breath under water. The combination of a pool and a baby does scare me if lots of caution isn’t taken though.

How does everyone feel about it? When is the right time to teach a child to swim?

Mason is wearing swim shorts by Stella Cove and H+M hat.