Trashing the Trash Mags!

Gotta give it to the trash mags this week for some pretty creative Kardashian stories.

One of my favorites is that Scott was flirting with a sexy blonde aka Joyce my most gorgeous and fabulous friend and makeup artist. Lol.

The story then went on about how Scott was downing sangria, a drink I’m pretty sure he has never had before, in fact there wasn’t even any sangria at the table. Not to mention, he wasn’t drinking alcohol period. I would love to know whose imagination this stuff comes from…do they just pull things out of a hat?

Here are some pics from the night in question…I am wearing a Bebe dress, Louboutin pumps, a Chanel bag and Loren Jewels earrings. Scott is in Astor and Black suit with Ferragamo loafers.

Joyce is looking stunning as always! :)