Cursing Around Babies… What’s Your Take?

This week was my last guest blog for Moms and Babies at I’m going to be continue blog about being a new mom right here on my site, because I’ve gotten such an amazing response from you all, and I really enjoy sharing my experienced and getting your feedback. Please leave lots of comments letting me know what you’d like me to talk about, if you have any questions for me, or experiences with your little ones that you’d like to share…

I noticed that on one of my previous blogs, someone wrote a comment saying something to the effect of: Mason’s first words will most likely be BLEEP, BLEEP and BLEEP if we don’t start watching our language around him.

Growing up, I never heard my parents curse, NEVER. The first time I ever said a curse word was with my sister Kim. I was making her organize our bookshelf with me and I wanted her to put the books in order from tallest to shortest (being the bossy older sister that I am).

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I was starting to get frustrated and yelled at her, “Stop breathing up my ass!” Kim said she was going to tell on me and I swore to her that I said “ask” and not “ass.” But she knew what I said, and as my dad said our prayers with us that night, she told on me.

My dad told me, “It’s okay — just don’t ever say that again.” Needless to say, I have said it again.

When Mason was born, I was extra cautious about people cursing in front of him; I only played classical music around him, etc. … He’s such an angelic innocent boy.

As time goes on — and especially in my family where everyone has a mouth on them — people forget to censor what they say around Mason. Scott and Khloé are the ones with the worst mouths. They both try not to curse in front of Mason, but trust me, they do.

Sooner than I know it, Mason will start talking and understanding what we’re all saying. Having a bad mouth is not a good quality regardless of whether or not you’re around a baby, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing for everyone to stop. But I also don’t want to set unrealistic rules for everyone around me.

I just thought I would reach out for some advice on how to get my friends and family to stop cursing in general so these slip-ups don’t keep happening — and affect Mason later on. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who’s had to deal with this. So bring it on with the suggestions!