Bringing Mason to Work

This week for my Moms and Babies blog I wrote about balancing motherhood and work. I’ve found a way to balance the two in a way that is right for Mason, as he always comes first. I am very lucky to be able to spend so much time with Mason while I work. Here’s my blog….

After having Mason, I have a whole new respect for mothers. I feel such a sense of empowerment being a mom. But I do wonder: How do they/we do it all?

Scott, Mason and I just spent a couple of days in San Diego visiting some college friends who have two babies each and are both stay-at-home mommies. We all discussed the differences in our schedules and lives — me taking Mason with me versus staying at home for nap time, etc. They seemed to be on more of a strict schedule, whereas mine is so drastically different from day to day.

For me, juggling mommyhood and work is a challenge but each day I learn little tricks to make it all come together. Whether I’m buying for our two DASH stores, designing for our different clothing/jewelry/bikini lines, doing photo shoots or working on any of our other projects, each day is so different from the next. I feel lucky that most of my work allows me to spend so much time with Mason, as he is my FIRST priority!

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I bring Mason with me everywhere that I can as long as it’s safe. I struggle with the thought of whether I should be leaving him at home to have a regular set schedule and nap even if that means not being with me. I think whatever works for each individual situation is best. Mason is so easygoing and loves seeing new places and meeting new people. I love having him with me and always knowing he is safe and taken care of. It fits into my lifestyle.

I am also lucky that I have such a big family to help me. And Mason is lucky he has so many family members who love him and all want their time with him, too. I hadn’t seen a movie since before Mason was born and was dying to see Sex and the City 2 with my mom and sisters. Mason stayed with Grandpa Bruce and had some “man time”.

An hour into the movie I started to feel guilty, like, ‘Why am I at a movie? I would rather be with my son, he’s the most important thing to me.’ I’m sure other mothers go through this guilt, but I do think some “me” time is important also!