Where Mason Gets His Looks

I get so many comments from people saying that Mason is the spitting image of my brother Rob, or that he looks exactly like my dad, so this week for my Moms and Babies blog for People.com I decided to write about how much little Mase looks like them both… but how he also has a lot of Scott‘s features. To me though, he’s his own little person and gets more handsome every day.

It’s true that Mason looks mostly like a Kardashian -– it’s amazing how strong those Armenian genes can be! — but he does have the exact same cleft chin and ears as his daddy [Scott Disick]. Check out the resemblance in the below photo of Scott and Mason.

It really is pretty cool how much babies change from day to day. Some days, Auntie Kimmie will say that Mason looks just like Scott. When I look back at pictures of Mason, starting from when he was born up until today, he looks so different. But since I am around him every second, I don’t really notice he is changing.

Check out the pics and let me know who you think he looks most like!