Mason is Such a Little Traveler!

For my Moms and Babies blog for this week I wrote about Mason’s first flight. He’s becoming such a little traveler and is the most well behaved baby. I’m so blessed!

Last week, I promised to fill you in on what it’s like to travel with Mason, so here you go…

My son is such a great little traveler already. He even has his own passport so he’s prepared for any trip that may arise. At just six months, Mason has been to Miami, Chicago, Charlotte, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Ind., and Las Vegas. This summer we are going to New York — and maybe even Monaco!

At first, I was scared to travel with him. I’m sure every parent goes through it. You don’t know how your baby will be — what if he gets sick or his ears hurt from the pressure in the cabin? One travel tip I got from my doctor: He told me to nurse Mason during take off and landing. He also recommended I put some breast milk in Mason’s nose because it has antibodies that can help him from catching a cold on the flight.

Then there’s the massive amount of gear you see people using while traveling with babies. On our first trip to Miami, I kept the gear to a minimum. Since we were staying for so long -– to film our E! show Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. I shipped everything there. On our actual travel day, all I brought was his diaper bag and his Orbit stroller/car seat system.

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On the plane, we napped together. We shared headphones and watched and danced to theMichael Jackson documentary This Is It! Mason didn’t make a peep, not even the slightest start of a cry. By the end of the flight, every person who had looked terrified when they saw we were bringing a baby on board told us that he was the best baby they had ever seen fly.

All of Mason’s traveling experiences since have been just as good. I was warned that as they get older, kids are less likely to be content sitting in one spot for a long period.

Also, I noticed a comment on one of my previous blogs about how I sent Mason to the back of the plane to sit “with the masses.” I have a nanny traveling with us on this trip, because my mom and I were flying to Chicago for a work appearance. Mason was a little bored with being in the same spot with us for four hours and wanted a change of scenery, so we had him hang out with the nanny for 10 minutes.

Before I had a baby, I was the person who would have made a judgment like this — but now it’s all about keeping Mason happy.

Here’s a list of the travel gear I don’t leave home without:

Fresh bottle of breast milk
Bugaboo Cameleon stroller with Graco car seat and adapter
The diaper bag
A blanket to keep Mason cozy
A change of clothes
Tiffany’s sterling silver teething ring
Sophie Giraffe
A pacifier
To all you parents out there, happy travels!