Let’s Get Green for Earth Day!

Now that I’m a new mommy, it definitely makes me more concerned with the environment and making the earth a better place for Mason. Here are 5 simple things u can do every day to help make this beautiful planet earth a better place…

1earth-day-kourtney-kardashian. Ride a bike or take a walk in the park. Mason and I love going on walks together!

2. Start your own vegetable garden. We planted one in mom’s backyard last year and not only is it great for the environment, it was also a really fun time for the family.

3. Use a water purifier instead of bottled water! You can always fill up old bottles you have with water from your fridge to take out with you during the day.

4. Borrow books from the library instead of buying them… it saves ink and paper, not to mention money! Going to the library is fun too and it smells like old books, I love it!

5. If you’re a mom like me, use biodegradable baby wipes on your little one.