If You Want the Truth… Ask Me.

In Touch and Star Magazine have been having a field day when it comes to my relationship. Week after week Scott and I have been on the cover of In Touch with stories that make us laugh. Their evidence of me supposedly sleeping at my mom’s house (I have never slept there) is that my car isn’t in my driveway (it’s in my garage, duh!). We have been blessed with the most amazing, beautiful baby boy and couldn’t be happier. And saying that Scotts initials are STD and that he had a dogtag because he was proud of it…his initials are SMD, but nice story, idiots. Anyways, I can go on and on…but just wanted you all to know that these stories are based on lies. My sisters and I are as close as always and happy in our relationships. DO NOT BUY the magazines to perpetuate the lies!!!