Belly Bandit: Real Life Testimonial

I received this real life testimonial from Olga, a mother of five who has been using the Belly Bandit since the birth of her twin girls. I had to share it with you guys because it just shows how affective the Belly Bandit can be. This is why I swear by it!

Olga works as a personal trainer, both prenatal and postnatal, and says she is always teaching the moms to be aware of their abs. “It’s hard to get the shape and the function back after the pregnancy,” says Olga. “My twin girls were born in November 2009 (in week 38) and I started to use the Belly Bandit the day after the delivery (it was natural birth) and I used it for 7 weeks, both day and night. In the beginning I was doing Pilates breathing exercises each time I breastfed so that I could start feeling my deep abs muscles. It was important for me ‘to get in touch’ with my abs as soon as possible so I wouldn’t hurt my lower back with all the lifting I was doing. I needed all the support I could and the Belly Bandit made it possible. Two weeks later I started my abs training with static exercises, including different types of planks (with the wrap on of course), but no sit ups or crunches. Today I am able to squeeze my abs without any support.  If I compare the shape I am in now to the shape I was in after my other pregnancies there is no comparison. I am in much better shape now than after my other three kids. I believe that it’s very important to start using the Belly Bandit as soon as possible after the delivery for the best results.”

Look at the pics of Olga’s belly to see the difference the Belly Bandit made in just four weeks! It’s amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your testimonial, Olga. The Belly Bandit really is a must have for new moms.