Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Movie

To celebrate the end of another eventful season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Celebuzz asked Kim, Khloe and I to create our dream cast for Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Movie. There are no movie plans yet, but I’m sure when Stephen Spielberg hears who we have in mind to play us he’ll be blowing up our phones. It’s a guaranteed box office number one! LOL.

Well, let’s start with the star of the movie… me, naturally. I would be played by Penelope Cruz, because she’s stunning and it’s my movie!!

Scott‘s favorite movie is American Psycho and everyone says he looks like Patrick Bateman, so Scott would definitely be played by Christian Bale.

Kim would obviously have to be played by Jennifer Lopez. She’s an amazing actress and who could be more perfect to play Kim!?

Mandy Moore would make the perfect Khloe. I remember when we were in highschool, the paparazzi would take pics of her because they thought she was Mandy Moore. Must be that adorably sweet smile, Khlo.

Freddie Prinze Jr. would be an ideal Rob. He’s got the cuteness factor, ladies love him and seems like a genuinely sweet guy.

Mom was a tough one to cast. I still can’t decide between Demi Moore with short hair or Meg Ryan with dark hair. What do you guys think? Bruce was an easy one though…Ted Danson, enough said!

Kendall has a really sweet, kind face, so I chose Emma Roberts. She just seems like a really down to earth, focused young girl, just like Kendall.

Click on “Read More” to see who I picked to play Kylie, Grandma MJ, Lamar and Reggie.

Kylie would totally be played by Ali Lohan. I feel like they both have that little mischievous streak!

Grandma MJ exudes chic, class and style and there’s one actress that immediately comes to mind when I think of those traits… Diane Keaton.

Lamar would be played Laurence Fishburne, but I’d want to turn back the clock a little and have the young Laurence Fishburne from The King of New York.

Taye Diggs would totally be Reggie. Seriously, look at their bodies and their smiles… so alike!

If you guys were casting Kardashians: The Movie who would you pick? See who Kim chose on her blog and who Khloe chose on hers!