A Trip to the Doc’s Office

Scott and I look forward to our doctor’s appointments every time!  Here we are heading out of our appointment last week and then off to lunch! It’s usually our routine to eat together when we go.  This time we had a yummy meal at Nate N’Als, which is a deli that I have been going to literally since I was born.  The same waitress, Gloria, is still there and remembers Kim and I coming in there with matching dresses and bows in our hair…she said my mom always dressed us matching perfectly.  If you have seen any of our childhood pics on Kim’s blog, you know this is true!

It’s pretty weird walking out of the doctor’s office with a bunch of paparazzi and video guys standing there, so we look a little caught off guard in the pics lol. :)

I am wearing LNA leggings, plaid tunic from Zara, Chinese Laundry thigh high boots, Balenciaga bag and Dita sunglasses.