One Of My Favorite Vacations EVER!

I was looking through some old pictures, and found pics from one of my favorite vacations EVER!  It was my mom’s birthday (I think it was 4 years ago) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!  We decided to make it a girls trip…my mom, her best friend Shelli Azoff, Kim, Khloe, Allison Azoff (Shelli’s daughter and one of our best friends), and me!  We stayed at the fabulous Las Ventanas Resort.  The second we got to the hotel, we all took a tequila shot and jumped in the pool with all of our clothes on!  The crazy dinner with my mom’s birthday balloon hat and Khloe and I making funny faces is at Mi Casa…yumm!  We go there every time we are in Cabo…the food is delish, great margs and a fun ambiance. After that, we headed to Cabo Wabo nightclub where Khloe showed us her stripper moves on a bridge above the crowd!  Our favorite spot for lunch is The Office.  The garlic crab is to die for, the staff is all dressed up like professionals (doctors, nurses, etc) and they come around and give you shots of tequila!  In the car ride home from The Office, Kim and Khloe molested me and gave me a wedgie!! OMG! I miss Cabo!! I am calling for a reunion ASAP…same people, same place!

Make sure you look through all 30 pics!!