The Best Father’s Day Gift…

The best gift I have ever given on Father’s Day is probably making my famous Armenian breakfast called Beeshee. My grandmother on my dad’s side taught me how to make it and I am the only person in our family who knows how. You have to make it the night before, let the dough rise, and then prepare it in the morning, which Khloe always does. So we do it together as a team effort haha. Because it is a bit of a process, we only make it on special occasions, and every year for Father’s Day, my dad would ask us to make him Beeshee…and of course we always did. It is so delicious and fattening! It’s basically like a thin, crispy fried pancake that you pour tons of sugar on. My Dad always loved to lay out by the pool, so after Beeshee we would all put on swimsuits (yes, right after we were just fattened up lol!) and go lay around by the pool, blast music and relax. What I wouldn’t do to have those days back.


Bruce is a huge golf fanatic!  Anything we get him golf related, he loves.  Khloe, Kim and I got him a weekend of golf training with a special golf trainer once, and that was probably the best gift we have ever given him. I think this year we will make beeshee and lay out by the pool while Bruce golfs. Just kidding Bruce, this is your day, we can do whatever you want.

And I am not giving up my beeshee recipe just yet…many of you have asked, but it’s a family secret. :)