Discovering Miami: Lime

I just discovered the most delicious Mexican restaurant in Miami called Lime.  It’s quick and casual, perfect to take to go.  I have been three times in the past week…it’s THAT yummy.  When I find something I like, I tend to always order the same things there, so yes, I have gotten the same thing every time.  Chips and queso dip, and a whole wheat quesadilla with ground beef inside.  Delish!  Lily and I went last night to pick up food to go.  We parked next door at a parking lot we weren’t supposed to.  We were inside Lime for less than 5 minutes and when we walked back to the car, it was gone!  They towed it the second we walked into Lime….so we had an adventurous night to say the least…all for a little Mexican food.  By the time I got home, sat down and ate my then cold dinner, it was still worth it!